ART OF DITA at Playboy Club London – Celebrating Creative Freedom!

Dita Omuri

Dita Omuri



26TH MARCH 2015 – 3RD MAY 2015

Dita Omuri, born and raised in northern Albania, escaped her home country running towards the unknown and away from the restricted ways of expressing her emotions through art.

From a very young age, Dita’s sketchbook was her constant companion. By winning a young art competition she secured a scholarship at a traditional Art school aged 14. Learning the “Old Masters Techniques” and becoming aware that the only legal art form in Albania was Social Realism. Her passion for art, freedom and creativity was stifled in Albania.

In 1998 as a single mum, Dita embarked on a journey to the UK in search of a new life for herself and her son. She had so little to lose and so much to gain. Working through a tough few years and her Albanian Art Diploma’s not being recognised she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in the UK whilst working hard providing support for her son, and continuing on painting and exploring the freedom of creativity.

“Today my art is the priority of my life, an expression of my passions and personality. A love of fashion, photography and figurative art are strong influences on my work.” says Dita.

“Sensual, sophisticated and classy paintings with a touch of glamour” – adds Curator, Entrepreneur and award-winning business woman Joelle Dinnage.

Joelle, owner of the InVogue Art Gallery and founder of the Global Art Agency Ltd met Dita at the Oxford International Art Fair where Dita was selected to exhibit her artworks and was one of the bestselling artists there. “Her art stood out” Joelle said and continued “Not only that, also her personality and good spirit reflected in the artworks – the positive energy bounced of it. I was determinate to make Dita a success.”

Dita has since been exhibiting alongside famous names in the art world and has become an international artist, selling through galleries all over the world. And to celebrate the absolute creative freedom, Dita has now got her 6-week solo-exhibiting in London Mayfair represented by the InVogue Art Gallery. at the exclusive Playboy Club London.

The exhibition is open to the public from 26th March to 3rd May 2015.

Dita Omuri Art Playboy Dita Omuri Art Playboy


Galerie nivet-carzon – Paris, presents: NO KAWARA by Frédéric X LIWER

┤ NO KAWARA ├ by Frédéric X LIWER
Guest Gabriele di Matteo
Opening 16.04.14 > 18.00 h
Show 10.04.14> 17.05.14


In the work of Frederick X. Liwer, time is running without rules. Sometimes history is rewritten in reverse, like this date which precedes the birth of ‘Date Paintings’. Again in the future, as in the series where the dates of the exhibition are shifting two decades. Walking in the present, it is also walking in the past and the future to grab it and to look at it. Every step in one direction includes a step in the other. And then how could the shrimp find its place in this moment that separates what no longer exists and what does not yet exist?

FX Liwer was born in 1980. After studying at the Milano Academy of Fine Arts, he began his plastic research using symbols of revolutionary political movements by retreating images that are part of the great history. He lives and works between Paris and Brussels.

Galerie nivet-carzon
2, rue Geoffroy l’Angevin
F-75004 PARIS
+33 954 29 30 10


Curated by GAA Curators and Guest Curator Berry de Bruijn

Thierry Noir: the first graffiti artist using the Berlin Wall as his canvas

In the 1980s, Noir became the first artist to paint the long, bleak expanse of the Wall, starting a movement that is today one of the most famous things about the structure. His blocky cartoon paintings have become part of the mythology of the Wall, and appear in the Wim Wenders film Wings of Desire.

Thierry Noir at work on the Berlin Wall

A retrospective of work by the graffiti artist Thierry Noir that opens on 4 April at the Howard Griffin Gallery in Shoreditch, east London, transports the visitor back to Berlin in the last days of the Wall.

Part of the Berlin Wall is recreated in his gallery show to try to bring to life that moment in the 80s when cracks were appearing in the edifice of the Soviet Union and its satellite states, and artists, led by Thierry Noir, were comically transforming the ugly symbol of the Cold War that ran through Berlin with a carnival of bright colours and visual gags.

Via: Guardian Culture
Exhibition info: Howard Griffin Gallery