Kiesza – Hideway. Considered it unique, for having a single take through the entire video

In February 2014 Kiesza released the video for her new single “Hideway” through the indie label Lokal Legend. Idolator considered it unique, for having a single take through the entire video, as Kiesza walked through the streets of Brooklyn.John Gentile of Rolling Stone called the style “impressive”. Kiesza reported to Rolling Stone that she had trouble making the video, partly because she broke a rib just before filming, and “couldn’t move for an entire month afterward.” “Hideaway” debuted at number one on the UK Singles Chart issued for April 26, 2014.


Sugar Rush Graffiti Wall by MadC and Soten

Sugar Rush’ Graffiti Wall by MadC and Soten.


“Fashion Victims” Street Art referring to workers in slavery and child labor.


With explosive action and the strong emotional content of this Spanish artist Yolanda Dominguez reminds Madrid the death of 1,127 textile workers underpaid, which took place following the collapse of a building, Rana Palace in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in April.

The artist has called the work “Fashion Victims” referring to “workers in slavery, child labor, and to the millions of people harmed by pollution of the factories in the countries of production.”