The Miami Art Expo Review by FUSM

The Miami Art Expo

The Miami Art Expo

The Miami Art Expo brings a wealth of fine art to South Florida

By: Vanessa Martinez – Staff Writer – FUSM.

This summer’s Miami Art Expo was all about contemporary art!

The exhibition featured a week-long roster of artists ranging in a variety of art mediums from all over the globe. FIUSM got up-close and personal with some of the artists such as Daniela Valentini from Chile and Jeff Murray who flew all the way from London.

Valentini acquired her painting skill from her homeland at the University of Chile with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She specializes in bringing aesthetic qualities of realism to come to life in her artworks. Murray’s work reflects his lifestyle as a traveler of seven years through his pen and ink pieces. American artist Annika Banko has a display of pictorials which convey expressive colors and gestural methods as a response to nature and life as an artist. Her techniques involve the mastery of controlled spontaneity by using her body to create the works.

Between canvases engaging in brilliantly colorful detail to intricate abstract expressionism, there is so much to see at the event. The audience is one interested in the prestigious atmosphere of the fine art world. The various pieces emit the human emotions of the idealists behind the artistic exploration. Getting a glimpse from the minds of these talented individuals is sure to promote artistic exposure of the local Miami art scene today.

Keep an eye out for interviews with some of the artists mentioned above, to be posted later this week.

All pics of the event, see here



Oxford International Art Fair 2014 paints a picture of success!

oaf-18NEARLY 4,000 art-lovers packed Oxford Town Hall for a weekend-long show of global talent. Oxford’s first International Art Fair, pictured, featured work from 150 artists – including many from Oxfordshire.

Organiser Joelle Dinnage, inset, said: “It’s the first time Oxford has ever held such an art fair. I was completely overwhelmed by how many people came. It was great.”

The event started with an opening preview on Friday night, featuring music and live painting sessions. The fair drew to a close yesterday. All of the artwork shown was available to buy, with some coming from artists based in Japan, Russia and India.

Ms Dinnage, 28, from Marley Close, Oxford, organised the event with Natal Vallve from the Global Art Agency.

(From the Oxford Mail Newspaper.)