The New Trend: ‘Phonies’ get with it or get lost!

Dan Rubin is a photographer who started mocking the ever growing trend of selfies by having random pedestrians pose with  a face of a celebrity in front of them. The end result is some really cool pictures and maybe even a new trend, you decide which trend you follow, is it a ‘Phonie’ or a ‘Selfie’? Have a look at some snapshots to help you decide



 phonies  phonies  phonies  phonies  phonies  phonies  phonies via:


What famous celebrities would look like with tattoos

The artist Cheyenne Randall Photoshopped a series of photos showing famous celebrities with tattoos.
The following pictures are from her new series, enjoy!



marilyn monroe with tattoos


john lennon with tattoos

walter white with tattoos

winona ryder with tattoos

johnny cash with tattoos

saved by the bell tattoos

James Gandolfini with tattoos

willie nelson with tattoos


Cheyenne Randall put even more celebrities with tattoos on Tumblr. Check it out right here!

March 2nd, 2014

Urs Fischer – artist of the big gesture!

Born in 1973, Urs Fischer began his career in Switzerland where he studied photography at the Schule fur Gestaltung, Zurich. He moved to Amsterdam in 1993 and had his first solo show at a gallery in Zurich, in 1996. Fischers subversive approach to art is often considered to be influenced by anti-art movements like Neo-Dada, Lost Art or the Situationist International. Since Fischer began showing his work, in the mid-nineteen-nineties, in Europe, he has produced an enormous number of objects, drawings, collages, and room-size installations.

Urs Fisher

Urs Fisher

Urs Fisher

Urs Fisher

Via: Urs Fisher