The Miami Art Expo a Visual Feast – Miami Art Expo Review II

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Miami Art Expo a Visual Feast

The Miami Art Expo by the London-Based Global Art Agency

By Monica Torres

The Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery on Bayshore Drive is a sleek exhibition space with floor-length windows overlooking the Biscayne Bay. The gallery just hosted the first edition of the Miami Art Expo, from June 19 to 26. Artists from throughout the world mingled with visitors as they viewed world-class art from the Edgewater location, conveniently nestled between Downtown Miami and Wynwood.

The London-based Global Art Agency Ltd. presented the expo, which housed a variety of paintings, photography, art, urban art, and sculptures. Purchase prices ranged from $250 to $15,000. There was a great turnout at the weeklong show and various trends in modern art were visible.

One of the trends of the exhibition was bright, colorful art, common to Latin American expressions, making Miami the ideal spot for the show. Some pieces included trippy, dreamlike images, incorporating various elements of nature. But, a unique infusion of black and white art and classical bronze sculptures balanced-out the exhibition.

Ana Braga from Brazil is a good example of an artist that creates works with vibrant colors and trippy designs. One of her kaleidoscopic landscape pieces, a focal point of the show, is presented below. A rainbow of repetitive shapes, designs and patterns make up the vivid and attractive piece.

Ana Braga

Another colorful highlight of the event was the work of Brenno Baessa from Brazil. In this piece, various choppy, bust-like images of women’s bodies are juxtaposed with colorful segments. Some of them include elements of nature like trees, animals, and water while others resemble man-made components such as stained glass or a nightclub stage. The work is possibly a statement on the objectification of women’s body parts in art or it itself represents their objectification.

Brenno Baessa

Joanna Blair was also a standout artist at the exhibition. She infuses vibrant colors with dreamlike, natural elements in her work. Her aquamarine rendition of an underwater scene brought starry, otherworldly elements into the colorful mix.

LEFT: Joanna Blair, RIGHT: Smeetha Bhoumik

LEFT: Joanna Blair, RIGHT: Smeetha Bhoumik

Indian artist Smeetha Bhoumik also presented a dreamlike, illuminating work of art incorporating elements of nature such as trees and stars on a round, dark aqua canvas resembling the night sky or sea. The elusive messages written on the piece make it even more intriguing.Aside from the many colorful and surreal pieces that stood out at the expo, there was also a presence of black and white pieces. Jeff Murray from England exhibited elaborate and meticulously detailed black and white sketches resembling maps and geographies, which were definitely strong points of attraction at the international exhibit.

Jeff Murray

Pehi-art was another notable exhibitor at the Miami Art Expo 2015. His bronze sculptures brought a classical element to the show. His fashion-inspired sculpture titled “The Four Seasons” includes four slim female figures dressed in clothing associated with the summer, fall, spring and fall. He also displayed a mysterious hooded figure with enormous wings, which drew many visitors.


Overall, there were too many great artworks to include in this coverage piece. The art exhibited at the Nina Torres Gallery is always world-class. Her gallery is one of the few large exhibition spaces in Miami where one can get a balanced dose of international art spanning many genres and styles. There’s also commercial art on exhibit, too.

Opening Night at Miami Expo 2015

Opening Night at Miami Expo 2015

The Miami Art Expo certainly capitalized on the unique, international aspect of the space. In its first installment, the expo displayed many beautiful art pieces representative of many artists from all over the world. But, Nina always has a special show at the gallery, so along with the great location, it’s definitely a place for cultured art lovers to visit and look out for what’s coming in the future.

Visitors at the Expo

For more information please visit or Miami Art Zine


Amsterdam International Art Fair – Beurs van Berlage – Applications to Participate now open

The picture-perfect city of Amsterdam is playing host to talent from all around the world when it stages the first Amsterdam International Art Fair from 28th to 29th August 2015.

Amsterdam Int’l Art Fair is the international art fair in the Dutch city that brings over 150 exhibitors from around the globe for Amsterdam to enjoy! Attracting art galleries, cultural institutions, art critics and collectors. Offering over 3,000 art pieces on display for exhibition and sale, this is a prime opportunity to immerse oneself into a rich collection of global art either as investor, dealer or purchaser.

A rich and wonderful mix of talented artists presented by international galleries from over 30 countries that will be filling the prime located Beurs van Berlage – Amsterdam with an incredible display of art.

Fri 28th Aug 2015: VIP Private View and Vernissage € 10 EUR: 18.00pm – 21.00pm prebook

Sat 29th Aug 2015: Free entry 11.00am – 17.00pm prebook (Global Art Awards Ceremony at 16.00pm)

To apply to take part please go to:

Amsterdam Art Fair

Creativity doesn’t stop at the canvas – Ways to get your Art out there.

Global Art Agency News

So you are an artist, and you create art because you love doing it. It’s your passion, your life, heart and soul go into each piece, and in order to support yourself you decide to sell your artworks to make a living, to raise awareness and to become more and more successful.

There are many interesting options for artists to get more exposure, and it’s up to you to choose what you want for your career. Assuming you already have your your own website or blog. And you are socialising and networking on facebook, twitter, pinterest, LinkedIn. Perhaps you are also already joined up with an online art gallery that help you selling. However you are looking for more exposure, and whats a better way than showing your artworks in real-life to the crowds.

pic10Benefits to exhibiting artwork
Exhibiting your art for people to view and to see your pieces…

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Sharon Lyn Stackpole: “My art is going to be more interactive as it matures.” Tokyo Art Fair 2015 exhibitor.

Global Art Agency News

Tokyo_International_Art_FairThis is an interview with the very talented artist Sharon Lyn Stackpole from the United States. Sharon has been selected to exhibit at the Tokyo International Art Fair 22-23 May 2015 at Harajuku Quest Hall.

Tokyo Art FairSharon, where do you see your art going in ten years?
I’m moving toward three-dimensional art, blending words into the images, mixing glass and text and form and light, all of those things. I want to move art past a passive experience into an interactive one between the artist and the viewer. I already feel art is a dialogue. I want to fine-tune that dialogue somehow and amplify the viewer’s feedback. I’m not sure yet how that would be done, but that’s the direction in which I want to go. My art is only going to be more interactive as it matures. I love dialogue. I love communication. This isn’t just about me. In…

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Bill Leigh Brewer & Osceola Refetoff
Curated by Shana Nys Dambrot

TWO DAYS ONLY April 18-19 12-5pm
Opening Reception April 18 7-10pm

Chungking Studio 975 Chung King Road LA Chinatown, CA 90012

Los Angeles (March 2015): During the historic drought hitting Southern California, two photographers focus their lens on the same topographies of desert and industry. Please join us at Chungking Studio on April 18th and 19th during the Month of Photography LA for an exceptional exhibition featuring the work of Bill Leigh Brewer and Osceola Refetoff.

The curator of the exhibit, art critic Shana Nys Dambrot writes about the exhibition, “The pairing of work by photographers Bill Leigh Brewer and Osceola Refetoff — contemporaries working independently — explores photography’s paradoxical capacity to simultaneously document and interpret the world around us, to elicit fresh details and construct new experiences and narratives from its raw materials. The interaction between their work is particularly well suited to exploring this dynamic, because Brewer and Refetoff are uncannily drawn to many of the same specific topographies of desert and industry, yet they return with vastly different works of art.”

Salvador Dali’s Christmas Card not a hit by the public back in 1960

Salvador Dali’s Surrealist art proved a little too avant garde for the Hallmark shoppers of 1960.

Joyce Clyde Hall, the founder of Hallmark, began reaching out to several companies in the late 1940s to begin reproducing paintings and designs from contemporary artists on Hallmark cards. Hall’s mission was noble: sharing artistic masterpieces with average Americans. “So, through the ‘unsophisticated art’ of greeting cards, the world’s greatest masters were shown to millions of people who might otherwise not have been exposed to them,” Hall wrote in his autobiography.

By 1959, Dali had agreed to join the fold, submitting 10 potential designs to the company. Hallmark felt that two of them might have public appeal. The image above, “The Nativity,” was put into production and sold in stores alongside another of the Madonna. But while Dali’s creations would have been wildly successful in an art gallery, in the card aisle they caused a public outcry, and Hallmark ultimately pulled the cards from the racks. The several hundred that remain have become collectors’ items.

Dali designed a variety of Christmas images for other companies: He created 19 different Christmas cards for the Barcelona-based company Hoechst Iberica between 1958 and 1976, as well a Christmas-themed cover for Vogue in 1946 that is still reprinted as a card today, according to Rebecca Bender, a professor of Spanish at Grinnell College who has compiled a collection of the images.

The image above is reprinted courtesy of the Hallmark Archives, Hallmark Cards, Inc.

The Article is via Washington Post.

Barcelona International Art Fair 2014

BCNARTFAIRLOGOGoing on the success of the Global Art Agency’s previous art events, the next edition of the Barcelona International Art Fair now proudly re-named “BCN ART 2014” will take place on 12-13 December 2014 at Gaudí’s architectural treasure Casa Batlló, is the most emblematic work of the brilliant Catalan architect.

The art fair will be even bigger and better, with a great selection of fine artworks showing paintings, photography art, sculptures, limited editions and fascinating mixed media works.

Giving Art Collectors and enthusiast a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy directly from the artist that has travelled all the way to Barcelona. A unique experience for both visitors and exhibitor, at the beautiful Casa Batlló, a jewel at the heart of the historic city of Barcelona.

Friday 12th Dec 2014 :
Private View & Vernissage
from 18.00pm – 21.00pm : VIP Tickets

Saturday 13th Dec 2014 :
Contemporary Art Show & GAA Awards
from 11.00am – 18.00pm : Free Entry


Artist? Apply to exhibit – Learn more.SLIDES_BIAF14