The Miami Art Expo Review by FUSM

The Miami Art Expo

The Miami Art Expo

The Miami Art Expo brings a wealth of fine art to South Florida

By: Vanessa Martinez – Staff Writer – FUSM.

This summer’s Miami Art Expo was all about contemporary art!

The exhibition featured a week-long roster of artists ranging in a variety of art mediums from all over the globe. FIUSM got up-close and personal with some of the artists such as Daniela Valentini from Chile and Jeff Murray who flew all the way from London.

Valentini acquired her painting skill from her homeland at the University of Chile with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She specializes in bringing aesthetic qualities of realism to come to life in her artworks. Murray’s work reflects his lifestyle as a traveler of seven years through his pen and ink pieces. American artist Annika Banko has a display of pictorials which convey expressive colors and gestural methods as a response to nature and life as an artist. Her techniques involve the mastery of controlled spontaneity by using her body to create the works.

Between canvases engaging in brilliantly colorful detail to intricate abstract expressionism, there is so much to see at the event. The audience is one interested in the prestigious atmosphere of the fine art world. The various pieces emit the human emotions of the idealists behind the artistic exploration. Getting a glimpse from the minds of these talented individuals is sure to promote artistic exposure of the local Miami art scene today.

Keep an eye out for interviews with some of the artists mentioned above, to be posted later this week.

All pics of the event, see here



ART OF DITA at Playboy Club London – Celebrating Creative Freedom!

Dita Omuri

Dita Omuri



26TH MARCH 2015 – 3RD MAY 2015

Dita Omuri, born and raised in northern Albania, escaped her home country running towards the unknown and away from the restricted ways of expressing her emotions through art.

From a very young age, Dita’s sketchbook was her constant companion. By winning a young art competition she secured a scholarship at a traditional Art school aged 14. Learning the “Old Masters Techniques” and becoming aware that the only legal art form in Albania was Social Realism. Her passion for art, freedom and creativity was stifled in Albania.

In 1998 as a single mum, Dita embarked on a journey to the UK in search of a new life for herself and her son. She had so little to lose and so much to gain. Working through a tough few years and her Albanian Art Diploma’s not being recognised she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in the UK whilst working hard providing support for her son, and continuing on painting and exploring the freedom of creativity.

“Today my art is the priority of my life, an expression of my passions and personality. A love of fashion, photography and figurative art are strong influences on my work.” says Dita.

“Sensual, sophisticated and classy paintings with a touch of glamour” – adds Curator, Entrepreneur and award-winning business woman Joelle Dinnage.

Joelle, owner of the InVogue Art Gallery and founder of the Global Art Agency Ltd met Dita at the Oxford International Art Fair where Dita was selected to exhibit her artworks and was one of the bestselling artists there. “Her art stood out” Joelle said and continued “Not only that, also her personality and good spirit reflected in the artworks – the positive energy bounced of it. I was determinate to make Dita a success.”

Dita has since been exhibiting alongside famous names in the art world and has become an international artist, selling through galleries all over the world. And to celebrate the absolute creative freedom, Dita has now got her 6-week solo-exhibiting in London Mayfair represented by the InVogue Art Gallery. at the exclusive Playboy Club London.

The exhibition is open to the public from 26th March to 3rd May 2015.

Dita Omuri Art Playboy Dita Omuri Art Playboy

First international Artist Art Fair in Tokyo

TOKYO_ART_FAIR_HIRESTokyo International Art Fair 22-23 May 2015 by Global Art Agency – Quest Hall Harajuku

THE CITY OF TOKYO is playing host to hundreds of talented artists from all around the world when it stages the first Tokyo International Art Fairby Global Art Agency from 22nd to 23rd May 2015.

More than 150 artists from over 30 countries will be filling the prime located Quest Hall – Harajuku with an incredible display of art, with more pieces than ever before gathered under one roof for visitors to admire and to buy in the city’s largest Artist showcase of modern and contemporary art.

Following the agency’s successful events in Oxford, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Vienna, and Barcelona it’s now the turn for Tokyo to host the magnificent art fair. Organisers Joelle Dinnage and her business partner Natal Vallvé from the Global Art Agency are making the fantastic (free) two-day art extravaganza a versatile art happening for the locals of Tokyo. A huge variety of artworks, offering every visitor something to suit their style, all in an affordable price-range to buy and to take home on the day. On show will be paintings, sculptures, photography art, illustrations, printmaking, and bespoke crafts, with a live painting and music show at the event.

Art1TOKYO International Art Fair is the first commercial fair of Japan to establish an international network for Collectors to connect and engage with the Artists directly – commission free. With talented exhibitors coming from all over Europe, Russia, US, Australia, and also a selection of local artists.

“The idea for the Tokyo Art Fair started about 3,5 years ago at the Amsterdam Art Fair that Global Art Agency organised. Art collectors from Tokyo visited the Amsterdam event and they bought a range of artworks to sell back in Japan… Without having to say anything to my business partner Natal – we thought the same. And so the research started back then. We quickly found out that there is no such thing in Tokyo for artists to sell directly – commission free, and at the same time found out that the public are very keen on the prospects of having a commercial fair in their city to buy original artworks by international artists that are of an affordable price range. As this will be the first ever artist art fair in Tokyo, we have big expectations and high hopes for yet another successful event for our agency, and ultimately have the Tokyo art fair also annually.” says Joelle Dinnage.

Art7The fair starts in style on the Friday night, 22nd May 2015, with a special private view and champagne reception with tickets costing only 1500 YEN each for an exclusive sneak preview of the treasures that are to come over the weekend.

Entry is then completely free on the Saturday 22nd May from 11am-18pm, with the event culminating in the announcement of the best artists on show at the Tokyo International Art Fair Awards on Saturday afternoon. The Curators and Jury panel of local Art celebs will reveal which artist takes home the title of Best Tokyo International Art Fair Artist 2015 and with it, an exhibition at another forthcoming international art fair. Visitors will also be able to vote for their favourite artist by going to the fair’sFacebook page.

RIAFTickets to the Tokyo International Art Fair 2015 are free and can be booked online by going to their website The event takes place from Friday 22nd May Saturday 23rd May 2015 at Quest Hall – Harajuku, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 1-13-14.

The private viewing and champagne reception (1500 YEN) is from 6pm to 9pm on Friday 22nd May, with live painting and art show from 11am to 5pm on Saturday 23rd May (Free). The Global Art Awards and art show take place at 4pm on Saturday.

For more information about the event and to visit please visit

Participating as an Exhibitor:
The Tokyo Art Fair are now in the middle of curating and selection process. They are inviting the outstanding artists to apply online


PicCAn awesome show at Ricco/Maresca in NYC: “Post-war America saw the rise of the erotic pulp paperback novel covers. The objective of these covers was to lure in potential buyers with the promise of sex, suspense and drama. Simultaneously, a similar type of book and marketing strategy was being developed in Mexico.”


Artist Haroshi saves skateboards from doom and helps them to be reborn into sculptures.


Old and broken skateboards most frequently end up on landfill or bonfires. Artist Haroshi saves skateboards from doom and helps them to be reborn into sculptures. Haroshi removes the hardware, the carefully cuts, stacks, saws, grinds, and sands the pieces into a variety of shapes and figures. He has created Teddy Bears, Nintendo’s Mario, large hands, laughing skulls, and many other impressive pieces. Haroshi lets the mulit-colored layers from the skateboards provide the color.

Haroshi hides a little magic in all of his pieces, too. Inside of every sculpture hides a tiny metallic piece from the skateboard’s hardware which he believes adds spirit and life to the piece. In many of his creations Haroshi uses the broken edges of the wood to add texture and drama. Next time a skateboard snaps under your feet, take a closer look and see what it can become. Via Indulgd.